What I Stand For

Hello world! Tomorrow evening I am scheduled to deliver a 3-min business pitch titled "What I stand for". When I ask myself the question "What do I stand for?", there are so many answers depending on the context. However, if I am forced to pick the most important and the most general one, I think I will … Continue reading What I Stand For


D95 Division F Club Officers’ Tango 2016

Hello fellow Toastmasters and the World!  Last Saturday on the 23rd of July, 2016, Toastmasters' Division F within District 95 had its Club Officer Training for the new officers of 2016-2017 term and the training took place in Stuttgart, Germany. To share some facts, our Division F covers areas between Frankfurt and Freiburg and as of this writing, there are 26 … Continue reading D95 Division F Club Officers’ Tango 2016

My next speech: Science & Spirituality Marriage

You know, ever since I became a Toastmaster and heard several fellow Toastmasters' speeches, one thing became crystal clear in my mind and that is "I don't want to talk about myself over and over again!" Even at contest speeches, most Toastmasters spoke about themselves, their families or their work. And as much as I was … Continue reading My next speech: Science & Spirituality Marriage

Into the Hearts & Minds of Toastmasters

Last Sunday, sitting around at different locations around the Main River, I finished reading the Toastmasters' May 2016 magazine from front cover to back cover, and if I recall it correctly, it is the only time in my life that I have digested a whole magazine. This May 2016 issue was the first magazine that I had received since joining Toastmasters … Continue reading Into the Hearts & Minds of Toastmasters

Stars Are Born @ Toastmasters

The last club meeting started out differently, very differently because most of the senior leaders were absent and we had a few new guests present. When the senior leaders are missing, the room always feels like a family with missing parents. And if you add to those "children's presence" a few guests from outside, the energy of … Continue reading Stars Are Born @ Toastmasters

3-Month Journey: Toastmasters

The next in my 3-month journey series is my journey with Toastmasters. Its has been well over 3 months since I joined the Business Club Frankfurt Toastmasters, so now it's time to look back and assess how far I have come along and where I want to go from here. I googled and found my club after … Continue reading 3-Month Journey: Toastmasters

Club YouTube Channel Up & Running

I am very happy to announce the first of the many great developments that the new Leadership Team is planning to bring to our club and that is an official YouTube channel (click here to visit and subscribe). The idea was proposed by me and accepted by several of the new Leadership Team members. Hence, the next day I rolled … Continue reading Club YouTube Channel Up & Running

The New Leaders on Board

Yesterday our new leadership team was selected for the next 12-month period and I am glad to see that many of the new leaders are actually new members to the club. Within the leadership team, there are 8 official club officers and 1 unofficial club officer. So let me introduce them to you next. The best-posing … Continue reading The New Leaders on Board