The Billionaire Formula

Hello world! Today I found the man, who has found the Billionaire Formula. His name is Naveen Jain. What separates him from the other two Billionaires in below video and in real life is the fact that he is able to verbalize the Billionaire Formula, seeks to executive it purposefully, taught it to his children … Continue reading The Billionaire Formula


Megan Hess – A Fashion Illustrator

Two days ago I came across some very nice drawings on Pinterest and it turns out that they are called fashion illustrations and drawn by a Fashion Illustrator named Megan Hess. Below book cover of "Sex and the City" is an example of such an illustration made by Megan.  And here are interesting interviews with Megan and a video … Continue reading Megan Hess – A Fashion Illustrator

Nigel Stanford: Science vs. Music

Hello world!  Today I would like to introduce you to a new Awesome Person, whom I have just discovered. This morning I received below video from a Facebook friend of mine and this music video happens to do cymatics demonstrations in matters. After doing a little research, I found out that the musician's name … Continue reading Nigel Stanford: Science vs. Music

Prince EA – A Spoken Word Artist

Good day world,   Today I discovered another awesome humanbeing named Prince EA. Wikipedia defines him as "an American Spoken word artist and YouTuber, known for discussing topics like politics, sociality, environmentalism and life issues." About 3 weeks ago, I came across below video on Facebook, and I liked it and shared it with my friends. … Continue reading Prince EA – A Spoken Word Artist