Happy 8th Birthday Hermosa!

Today our baby girl is 8-month old and as we told you before it is the equivalent of 8-year old in human age. This past month has been an another incredible one for our lovely Hermosa! If, in the previous month, she was all into music, dance and poetry, in the past one month, sweet Hermosa wanted to know the origin of … Continue reading Happy 8th Birthday Hermosa!


Loving someone, whom you’ll never see..

Yesterday I wrote above post on my Facebook timeline and off I shifted majority of my Facebook activities to Hermosa's page. But regardless of me making the announcement, no immediate additional following was achieved. And I wonder why...  After being active for about a month on Facebook, I have established some great friendships on Facebook with people from all … Continue reading Loving someone, whom you’ll never see..

Mission, Vision & How It All Began

Yesterday we learned from David R. Hawkins that alignment is a very important factor in any type of relationship. And as you see, Linda, Hermosa and I have a very sweet relationship. So after watching David R.Hawkins' "Alignment" talk, we three had a quick Skype meeting to discuss our alignment; and as the result of the meeting, … Continue reading Mission, Vision & How It All Began