Toxic People in focus

Hello world!  Here I am keeping my notes from the book: As the notes were originally intended for my private view only, I did not bother to put them in a coherent format. So here they are as my mind captured them from the audiobook.  Be real with dark side of life. Protect yourself from … Continue reading Toxic People in focus


Life Code – Dr.Phil

Hello world!  As I mentioned to you in my earlier post, lately I am walking along the path of Darkness in general, and discovering and embracing the Dark Sides of both myself and others. While walking along this path, recently I discovered a great book titled "Life Code" written by Dr.Phil McGraw. On Dr.Phil's website, … Continue reading Life Code – Dr.Phil

A Course in Miracles

Good evening world!  My today's huge discovery has been the book "A Course in Miracles" brought about by Helen Schucman, who channelled the dictation of Jesus. Sounds too unreal to you? Well, to me not as I come from a country with a lot of Shamans. To me, speaking to a spirit through a channel is as normal a … Continue reading A Course in Miracles

Return to Love

Hello world! Today I listened to the spiritual teacher and author Marianne Williamson's below book titled "Return to Love". It was one of the great books that I recommend the whole world to study as a textbook. The book offers many precious pearls of wisdom. And my favourite concept is that the God creates each humanbeing to perfection. To explain it, … Continue reading Return to Love