Life beyond my wildest dreams: Ascension

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Wishing to live a life beyond my wildest dreams, in May of 2016, I wrote two stories (one on education and another on career) recounting how I was already living a life beyond my wildest dreams. However, today I just realized that I am actually living through something that is truly beyond anyone’s dreams and imaginations, and that thing is Ascension.

So what is Ascension?

Before I start with the description, I would like to point out that, sometime in my teens (about 20 years ago), I remember reading an article about the existence of different dimensions in the universe and how they exist in the same space as we are, but we are not able to see the beings and things in those dimensions because of the limited human perception of five senses.

So in essence, the Ascension that is currently taking place on earth is one of mother earth and all beings and things on it gradually evolving from 3rd dimension (3D) to 5th dimension (5D), where dimension is not about a place or location, but about the level of frequency,  at which a physical matter vibrates. As you might already know, everything in the universe is energy vibrating at different frequencies including physical matters that we can see and nonphysical stuff such as smells, sounds, thoughts, emotions that we can’t see.


However, our five senses are able to perceive only those matters that vibrate within the range of frequency that they area able to perceive. For instance, see below graph for an illustration of what level of frequency our eyes and ears are able to detect.  2  (Click here to read its article.)


And it turns out that because the energy frequency at 5D is so high, in order to stay in that dimension, (among other changes that I will write about later) at the molecular level, the human body has to change from carbon-based to crystalline-based light body that emits visible light.


At this stage of my physical Ascension, the crystalline-molecule particles (I call them just crystals) are visible largely on my back and neck. Because my camera is not able to capture the tiny crystals, this time I am not able to provide you the actual footage of how the crystals shine on my skin. However, in case you are curious, you can take a look at below video shots of two different persons whose crystalline process has quite advanced already. 2

The tiny crystal sparkles on the skin look cool, don’t they? 🙂 That’s exactly how my back and neck shine now.

As one ascends very high, towards the completion of the crystalline process, the body should start emitting light and below is an example of how it looks. 2

So to undertake this transmutation, my body is going through one hell of a challenge. From since the start of the Ascension process in July 2016 till November 2017, so much cleansing was done on my chakras through chaotic processes and I wrote several blog posts about them.


Then in November 2017, cleansing and releases took place in my flesh. I could feel something releasing inside the flesh throughout my body and going up to exit through several points in my head. Then in December 2017, the cleansing was done inside my bones. I could feel my bones spasm like muscles or ache deep in the core, etc. And in January 2018, soft tissues and muscles were cleansed. In February 2018, the cleansing continued in my internal organs. Then in March and April 2018, there was this annoying knot on my left foot soul that kept itching like nuts.

And alongside all the cleansing and releasing mentioned above, there is always the nonstop inflow of cosmic energies coming in through my crown chakra. (Actually, that’s what makes my body parts cleanse and transmute.)


And since May 2018, the level of such incoming energies have intensified so much that now my entire jaw and mouth area remain in perpetual energy-pumped state that it makes chewing difficult.

What’s more, there are constant energy drills from neck to the energy exit point on the left side of my lips that remove the toxins and the energy waste that result from the transmutation. Also quite frequently, there are strong energy drills on my pineal gland/third eye chakra area that makes seeing difficult, and the same on my throat chakra that makes eating and drinking a challenge.

When the level of gamma, photon, plasma and other rays coming from the cosmos are very high (which is quite frequent), the drills amp up to full-blown tornado swirls inside my head and neck.


When that happens, I have no choice but to lie in bed all wasted for hours and days in a row.


While lying in bed, I have had ample time to research what is happening to me and why it is happening. And what I keep finding out is truly mind-blowing and mind-bending. As the result, I can only say that we people know nothing that is out there in the universe.

quote-we-know-nothing-at-all-all-our-knowledge-is-but-the-knowledge-of-schoolchildren-the-albert-einstein-52-58-01 And the things that I have found out make me revere everything in life as a miracle.


And most importantly, I found out that God exists while earlier I hadn’t even imagined that such subjective thing as God could actually exist.


So I keep riding the roller coaster waves of Ascension energies and keep learning and living through things that are beyond my dreams and imaginations, and many times I am like this. 2


Finally,  I would like to say that the intense physical challenges mentioned above make me stick around home and prevent me from having a normal social life. But as soon as I am able to physically function to an OK degree, I will be out and moving and shaking as usual. 😉





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