The Empress that I choose to be

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Being on the Ascension journey, the thing I do full-time on daily basis is “releasing, integrating and healing past wounds, energetic blockages, beliefs, fears, and limitations.” While exploring my past wounds and limitations, I discovered the concept of Shadow work, which further lead me to the concept of Archetypes.


Intrigued, I dug into this interesting new concept and after reading several materials and taking a few tests to find my Archetypes, I could see which Archetypes had played major roles in my life in the past. And they were Warrior, Explorer and Queen, which not surprisingly correspond to my astrological signs. And as I dug deep into the life challenges and shadow aspects of those Archetypes, I saw my life challenges and character flaws and weaknesses in the description. So it looks like our major Archetypes create our character, which further determines our life course.

So going forward, what I need to do is to decide on the Archetype characters that I want to play in certain phases or areas of life, remain aware of those Archetypes’ life challenges, manage the weaknesses, and play to their strengths. And the character that I choose to play in the next phase of my life is an Empress archetype and its specific qualities are well described by Woman Love Power website as below . 2


“True to your dominant “Queen” archetype, you value commitment, marriage and status within your community. Like a monarch, your regal bearing draws attention and commands respect from men and women alike.

Marriage is important to you, hence the single life can feel daunting. A part of you will remain unfulfilled so long as you’ve yet to experience committed love to a man you consider a “King”. More than any other archetype, you long to be a part of a unit.

Your regal bearing, inner strength, and unwavering loyalty is what attracts men. When the Lover archetype is active and you are connected to your sensuality, you move with grace, and dress in feminine attire that is tasteful and classic.

Your appearance intrigues, but the real magic happens after a man connects with you. You have an unmatched ability to inspire a man by listening deeply and showering him with attention. You anticipate his needs, take pleasure in his favorite activities, and you demonstrate unmatched loyalty. It’s easy for men to become utterly dependent on you for physical and moral support.

You are as loyal as they come, but you are far from a doormat. That’s what fascinates men. You appeal to their inner hero, but when they test you, you make your boundaries clear.

When confronted with choosing between Wallis Simpson, a twice-divorced American and the British monarchy, King Edward VIII abdicated the throne to marry the love of his life. That’s how powerful the “Empress archetype” is when fully developed.

Madame de Pompadour, the indispensable mistress to French King Louis XV, with her eye for extravagance and style, played a decisive role in making Paris the perceived capital of taste and culture in Europe. The savvy woman also advised the King on pressing military and political matters, securing titles for herself, and those close to her.

You can run a business or an efficient household and you aspire to prominence in your community. You were meant to be matriarch–the presumed center of gravity in your family, community and social circle. you assume the “Queen” position in any group. You have quiet inner strength and tough resolve. In your mind, love is an equal partnership. When your partner succeeds, you succeed.”


So “Empress” being my choice, below I would like to disclose the reasons for making this choice. 2

  • First of all, while living in different countries as an Explorer, I was a loner the most of the time. So I miss having a community to belong to. Or better yet, lead. 😉
  • Second, Warrior and Explorer didn’t care much about accumulating wealth, so I ended up giving away, spending or losing the wealth I had or could have accumulated. Hence, now wealth accumulation is one of my top priorities, and it is indeed a basic requirement for being in a royal position. So I will go for it!
  • Third, marriage and children weren’t on top of Warrior and Explorer’s priority lists. But now I am tired of not having stability and security in my life, so I choose to get married and have children at my earliest chance.
  • Lastly, I want to share my life with a King, who brings out my feminine charm. And that’s exciting! 😉


Vibe high!



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