I am a Loser

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These days I am on the journey of embracing and integrating my Dark Sides, and today in particular, I am embracing my Loserdom.  Yeppy!


Since 6th grade, when I became ambitious, I carried this heavy burden of having to become successful. And since that was my all-important goal in life, I abhorred anything that resembled Loserdom. And abhor, I did!


But last night I realized that when you bring out your Unique Self to the world, you can’t help, but be happy and successful.


So now I want to know what makes me truly Unique and sets me apart from everyone else. And when I focus on that, everything else is falling apart in significance, including traditional definition of success. So I accept the fact that I have failed in the traditional sense of success and I am happy to call myself a Loser.

And you know how it feels to embrace the one thing that I abhorred the most in life?

Well, it feels liberating!


Oh by the way, if you want to see an awesome example of someone, who has totally embraced his Loserdom, look no further than the American Drifter1

And more 2


Feel wonderful! 



4 thoughts on “I am a Loser

  1. Nice post!
    “when you bring out your Unique Self to the world, you can’t help, but be happy and successful.”
    very beautifully said, I will use that in one of my haiku and pingback to your post. Thanks for the prompt 🙂
    Good day!

    Liked by 1 person

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