A beautiful NDE story

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Today I have a very beautiful near-death experience story for you. The story gives awesome glimpses of what is beyond this world. When I hear this and other near-death experiences, I am convinced that there is no such thing as death, but that what we consider “death” is merely spirit leaving the “physical vehicle” that enables us to stay on this planet and have physical experiences.


The below story is beautiful, so beautiful. So I suggest that you to listen to it. 1

You know, the morning I listened to the above story, I got up to discover that my sweet canary had transitioned. How and why she transitioned is a mystery to me. But the fact that I had listened to above story made my sorrow less intense. You know, even though I mentally know that there is no death, my eyes tear up whenever I think of my sweet canary, whom I had named “Mshkono“.


Below is a cute scene from my Mshkono‘s existence, where she is singing to a song that she liked very much. 1

So that was my experience around “death” yesterday…. I trust that now my Mshkono is in a better place soaring high than being caged inside a small space on earth…. Love her dearly!


Feel wonderful! 



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