Oops… there is no Meaning of Life

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I have been searching the Meaning of Life for all my life, and now finally coming to understand and accept that there is no such thing as one specific meaning or purpose of life. Instead, all we need to “do” is actually not try to do anything, but just BE who we Authentically are.

Just BE who we Authentically are.— If I am to dissect this statement for myself, thanks to my months of spiritual practices, the BEing part is easy for me now. But the thing I am not quite sure is the Authentic part.

tenor (1)

Being a straightforward person, pretentious is definitely not who I am. But is not being pretentious the same as being Authentic? How do you know if you are being Authentic? So as soon as I found the life’s one big question, now I have another question about Authenticity….

Authenticity — As a word or a concept, I am definitely familiar with it. But as a way of being, it seems that I am totally foreign to it. So next I am going to explore this concept and experiment it on myself until I get it.


By the way, If you are wondering how I got to know that there is no one specific meaning or purpose of life, the clues could be excellently summarized into this recording below. 1


Feel wonderful! 



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