Fear or Love?

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Coming across below video last summer was the first time I heard about choosing between love and fear2

The key message in Gary Zukov‘s above advice is “What comes from love will feed you, will nurture you, will excite you. You want to get up in the morning for it. And what comes from fear will dampen that.” When I heard this advice the first time, it had sounded intellectually very appealing.

And today this concept naturally sunk into my mind (after being triggered by yesterday’s post) and now I am embracing it as the guiding principle to make choices and decisions in my thoughts and actions. And of course, the principle is quite simply to ask “Am I coming from love or fear?”


To share the words of wise men, who knew the power of these two forces:








You see. So many people know about the power of these two forces–love and fear….

So which one do you intend to choose? Sweet love?


Feel wonderful! 



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