Oh Marilyn, how right you are!

Oh Marilyn, I wish you were alive and available to read the words on this post…. Nevertheless, I will still write it to you in case you can read it from wherever you are.

Dear Marilyn,

Until I was 29, I always wanted to be a man. Why a man? Because I was ambitious.


Being ambitious always put me among flocks of men, especially in the business world, and I grew to get used to it. Sometimes all alone, at times a woman or two also around.


Then at 29, one day the life-long preference to be a man suddenly dropped off my body like a used towel, and I finally accepted my assigned gender. Accepting it brought me enormous inner peace and I grew to enjoy it more and more as the days rolled on.


Accepting my woman’s skin must have been the first step towards finding myself. And I found myself.


When I found myself, I see and feel that I am beautiful. Therefore, I chose the name Bella, which means beautiful in Italian.


And also I see and feel that everyone else is beautiful too.


But the problem is that many people don’t know that they are beautiful and brilliant, just like I didn’t know before. In fact, by now I know that there is no limit to the beauty and brilliance one can shine.


So now my quest is to help people find themselves and shine the beauty and brilliance that’s undiscovered within them. Why bother? Because you said it the best.



Feel wonderful! 



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