I feel Madonna so deeply through her quotes

Hello World! Girl-Waving-Hand-Cartoon-Glitter-Picture

You must have discovered Madonna decades ago, but mine took place just yesterday when I scrolled through her quotes. Seems like the world saw a provocative Rebel in her, but as I put together her quotes I saw a Goddess in her.


Coming to how I relate to her, I relate to her at a deep level as a Warrioress.


Earlier the Warrioress in me used to put me in conflicts with people at times. Sometimes even serious ones. But today I know better. Today I know how to take the purpose, courage and strength of a Warrioress with me and leave behind the fights and frictions.


All my life I have exactly known what I wanted and never been shy or timid about going after getting it. Why? Because I can’t imagine any other way.


As I grew older, the natural traits of me got only stronger and it puts those, who care for me, at a great anxiety. But in my heart, I’d better die than to live as a coward.


Also as I grew older and went forward, I have found a treasure chest within me. So each day I am fascinated by what comes out of my treasure chest.


But as new things come out of my treasure chest, those who knew my previous version are unsettled. Why? Because I am no longer a certainty and uncertainty scares people at its extreme.


But I couldn’t care less about what they might be thinking.


Because I am just getting better and better.


And I totally embrace and delight at what comes out of my treasure chest.


And I am sure that, finally the BEST VERSION OF ME will come out of the treasure chest because I have never been happy being the 2nd best in anything that I wanted to conquer!


Feel wonderful! 



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