A Rebel – Is this Who I am becoming?

Have you listened to the below popular remark of Steve Jobs before? 2

Well, I seem to be becoming exactly the type of person mentioned in above remark. finger-pointing-up

How so? 

Well, I have started seeing things differently, very differently… And increasingly growing unfond of rules and dissatisfied with the status quo… Some people have started glorifying me, but perhaps others vilify… Or at least think that I am becoming crazy

But at my end, I am totally not concerned with what people must be thinking about me. All I am concerned is to notice the changes that are taking place in me, perhaps real fast…

For instance, two days ago I took a simple fun test on Facebook and it showed the below result. 2


When I saw the result, I kind of liked the result… Funny to think about it because if my previous version saw it, she would have found the result really “silly” and would have even gotten offended…   But the new-me loves it!

Of course, it does take courage and comfort in your own skin to stand out or even stand against the crowd, but Courage–I have plenty of that. See Facebook knows it too! 2


So you must be asking “Why the change?”

And my answer is “Because I discovered the simple fact mentioned below”. 2


That’s why I can never be the same again!

You see?

Feel wonderful! 



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