D95 Division F Club Officers’ Tango 2016

Hello fellow Toastmasters and the World! flag_german_2

Last Saturday on the 23rd of July, 2016, Toastmasters’ Division F within District 95 had its Club Officer Training for the new officers of 2016-2017 term and the training took place in Stuttgart, Germany. To share some facts, our Division F covers areas between Frankfurt and Freiburg and as of this writing, there are 26 Toastmasters clubs within the division and 22 clubs were represented at this training.

Our Division Director‘s name is Mirja Iannuccelli and here is how happy she was to see us all under one roof. 1


As the top leader of the Division, Mirja hosted and led the whole event and here is how the setting looked on that day. 2


To share my personal views on Mirja, she is a ball of positive energy and vibrant optimism. When my fellow Toastmasters exhibit such energy, I call them Sunshine. So being the biggest exhibitor of such vibrant positive energy, Mirja must be the Sun among us!


Also when I look at Mirja, I truly wonder what gets her going… If I need to reach out to her, she is always available almost at an instant… And when I see her at Toastmasters’ meetings, events and contents, the music inside her seems to be always playing powerfully!


So I think that she must be seeing and feeling something invigorating and valuable that many Toastmasters, including myself, are yet to discover… Otherwise, how else would her steps and greetings turn into Tango moves when she is on stage at Toastmasters! (Referring to the header photo as you could guess. 😉 )


Coming to the agenda of the event, when I walked in a little bit late, Mirja was just about to start with the introduction of our new Area Directors. Normally, I don’t come to events and meeting late, but that morning our train was struck by lightning on the road… In any case, we made it right before the Area Directors‘ introduction started.

There are 5 areas within our division and here are the happy leaders waving at us. 1


The first person on the left-hand side is Darryl Heron, the Area Director of Area F3. Next to Darryl is Kai-Jürgen Lietz, the Area Director of Area F4. Then you see Mirja. Next to Mirja is Anke Humpert, the Area Director of Area F5. On the right-hand side of Anke is Oliver Hauss, the Area Director of Area F2. And finally, the man on the very right-hand side of the picture is Sascha Friedmann, the Area Director of Area F1.

Throughout the event, I saw the six leaders gathering up frequently during the breaks to discuss various matters and make decisions. 2


One of the decisions that our leaders made for the event was to recognize those who have been generous with their support and initiatives during the past year and helped make Toastmasters experience a pleasant one for all within the Division. According to Mirja, leadership comes in different flavours–there is the officer position flavour and also there are the people, who are committed and take responsibilities in the community.  

And the following are the five people, who extended their leadership to the community time and again, and were recognized by the Division Council with an official Toastmasters’ certficiate.

Ortwin Walz, the President of the Verdi Rhetorikklub in Stuttgart. Recognized for his creativity in organizing events and bringing people together. 1


Susanne Rode,  the Immediate Past Area Director F1 and the member of the Verdi Rhetorikklub in Stuttgart. Recognized for her reliability and committment 2


Naile Yildiz, the Vice President Membership of the Famous Toastmasters Wiesbaden. Recognized for her big heart, her helpfulness, her way of running the registration always in a smooth and professional manner 3


Pascal Lehmacher, the officer of Rhetorik-Club Frankfurt. Recognized for his courage 1


Martin Hennegriff, the officer of Karlsruhe Toastmasters Club. Recognized because he takes action when others are still talking. He is a Doer!  2


After the introduction and recognition ceremony, the group divided into two streams. One stream focused on education and club Presidents, Vice Presidents Education, Treasurers and Sergeant at Arms attended it. And the other stream concentrated on membership and marketing matters and Vice Presidents Membership, Vice Presidents PR and Secretaries participated in the workshop.

Being the Vice President Membership with the Business Club Frankfurt Toastmasters, I attended the latter workshop and this is how the workshop looked from my angle of the room. 2


In the picture, Darryl Heron, the Area Director of Area F3, was giving workshop on membership and marketing aspects of clubs and the majority of his discussion focused on effective social media usage.

Being rather new (5 months) to Toastmasters, I found the information and links that Darryl provided very useful. So I took the picture of every Powerpoint slide that he turned and the following are some of the links that you might find useful as well:

During the workshop, one of the things that our officers liked very much was the Guest Packet that our club Treasurer Craig had brought along to show me and here is how it looks. 2


To find out more about the Guest Packet, click here to access the Shop page on Toastmasters International (TI).

Also while reading the “Club Leadership Handbook” the night before the training, I found out that the following useful tool called “Guest Information Card and Badge” exists. 1


So in case you’re curious about this card and badge, click here to access the Shop at TI.

Also when it came to sharing the best practices implemented throughout the clubs, I talked about our club YouTube channel, which I set up myself. On the channel, I have been uploading the meeting speech recordings (certainly the ones with the speakers’ permissions) and also created playlists of useful resources for public speakers. To visit our club YouTube channel, click here.

And after the 2-hour workshop, we had a lunch and networking break and here are the panoramas:



Then after the nice lunch break, we worked on our Club Success Plans with our Area Directors’ support. To hear about what a Club Success Plan is, play below short video of Kai-Jürgen:

To be honest, having not read the relevant manual below, it wasn’t very easy for us to come up with the points for the plan.


Luckily the workshop was only to get the ball rolling and later we could complete the plan together with our other officers. And by the way, that’s an agenda item for our next club officers’ meeting, where we agreed to come prepared by reading the above manual. And in case you as a club officer hasn’t read it, click here to download your free PDF version.

Following that workshop, Amy Hamilton explaind the changes in the Contest Rulebook and as there are a number of important changes in the Contest Rulebook, I think it’s a good idea to listen to Amy‘s original explanations in below recording.

To download the PDF version of the new Speech Contest Rulebook, click here.

Then in the last part of the training, we again divided into two streams. One stream was for those who are interested in the subject “Navigate through TMI : Where to find helpful material and resources” and the other was on the subject “Building new clubs“. I was interested in how new clubs get founded, therefore I attended the latter group. And here is my take-away for us–the snapshot of the key items required for building a new club. 2


With that workshop, the Club Officer Training ended.

And in case you’ve been wondering, who has written this report, here is my identity. 2


And the person appearing in below two pictures is me. 1

In the first picture, I am standing with our Area Director Kai-Jürgen and our club Treasurer Craig.


In the second picture, I am together with the gentlemen from the Rhetorik-Club Frankfurt Toastmasters. Pascal on my left side, Rocky on my right side and I don’t remember the 3rd gentleman’s name. t1202


So overall, the Club Officer Training was a great orientation for me as a new officer and I got to know many fellow Toastmasters from other clubs. So it was a great experience and I look forward to the next one, where perhaps all of us will Tango together since we know one another now!


Feel wonderful! 


PS: If you wish to read my other posts on Toastmasters, click here.


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