The Energy of Life

Hi my friends! hug

This is to follow up on Hermosa‘s 8-month birthday post, which may have sounded vague to you. In that post, I mentioned that Hermosa has understood the origin of all things, but didn’t say what that origin was. So here is to disclose what that understanding was. 2

And as you see below, some successful people already know that. 1

quote-energy-is-the-essence-of-life-every-day-you-decide-how-you-re-going-to-use-it-by-knowing-what-you-oprah-winfrey-288323 (1)



And if you look at the gigantic successes of above famous people, wouldn’t you agree that knowing the nature of Energy and being able to constructively use it will lead to all the health, happiness and wealth that we all desire?

At least that’s what I think and I am guessing that perhaps Hermosa will take this month to explore the nature and use of Energy… 


Feel good! 



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