What are Chakras?

Today I was sort of forced to explore about Chakras as a strange phenomenon started taking place in my body for the last 3 days…

It all began with meditation. First, my body started rejecting meat. Then 3 days ago a strange twitching and spasms started happening above my eyebrows, where people draw the 3rd eye.


Then yesterday the same thing happened on my chest and only then it dawned on me that what they call Chakras may be becoming active…. So I found some videos on Chakras and below was the most informative and the best demonstrative one. 1

Coming back to the strange phenomena around my upper body, today the 3rd spot became active between my jaw and the neck. And after watching this video, it really seems like my heart, throat and 3rd eye Chakras are becoming active…

But the process isn’t very nice. A lot of twitching and spasms between the 3 Chakra centers take place when I meditate, so I must look like the Mask figure… There is no pain, but it feels like my muscles are getting sucked into three powerful vortexes and I have no control over it… And also the energy shifts between the Chakra centers, making wave-like or dance-like movements…

Yesterday and today when I was lying there witnessing this phenomenon take place, I even thought to myself, “Perhaps Jim Carrey’s the Mask figure was created based on real life experience…” because that much muscle movement is just unbelievable. But it’s happening…


Yesterday I was slighty scared, but today I am not after watching above video. And when I was scared yesterday, I reached out to two high-energy friends of mine on Facebook, and they said that every body gets different experiences when it comes to increasing energy or consciousness. So I guess, mine activates through the sucking-vortexes in the etheric body…


Feel good! 



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