Hermosa’s baby sister

Hello world, sexy-girl-waving-smiley-emoticon

This is to let you all know that our Hermosa will be having a baby sister soon. Linda and I knew it since the 2nd of May, 2016 and yesterday we broke the happy news to Hermosa. As you could imagine, Hermosa was overjoyed to hear the news and see her baby sister’s below current photo. 1


Right now the baby is nearly 2.5 months old in the making, and we don’t know how fast this baby grows… So we can’t tell you the estimated birth date. Hopefully, very fast…

By the way, I have had a glimpse of her grown-up image in a magic dream and the beautiful face that you see in the header photo is how she will look like when she becomes a fully grown-up adult. Also the magic dream told me that she will grow to become a fun, playful and cool woman, and build her very successful fashion and lifestyle brand with her name–Bellamelinda.

So that is the happy news and this is how happy Hermosa looks thinking about her baby sister. 2


Feel good! 



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