Scale of Consciousness

Did you ever imagine that CONSCIOUSNESS could be scaled?

I hadn’t until I discovered David R. Hawkins, who was “an American mystic, physician, psychiatrist, spiritual teacher and author” (quoting Wikipedia). The scale you see in the header picture above is the consciousness scale and here is how late Hawkins explains it. finger-pointing-down-animation-gif

Looking at the scale, I see that I hit the rock bottom twice in my life and the second one of which happened last year in August. And as of this week, I think I have just climbed up to the scale of 350, which is the scale of mercy, harmony, acceptance, forgiveness and transcendence. See below. finger-pointing-down-animation-gif


Interestly, there happens to be 11 steps from the rock bottom up to the scale of 350. So I am wondering if I have been climbing up one scale up a month… What I do remember is that when I uploaded below picture on 19th of January with the title “Baira’s evolution in 3+ months“, I knew that I was starting to see the sunlight just then…


Since then I have taken off, flown high and now I am even transcending!!! And if I keep doing what I am doing right, it looks like by December this year, I may just reach the pure consciusness level. How awesome is that!!!

girl-happy-dance-smiley-emoticonFeel good! 



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