Life-Depicting Piece of Music (Csárdás)

Last night I went to sleep with this music and wished to share it with you first thing in the morning. So here it is. I called it life-depicting piece of music because when I listen to it, my whole life seems to run through eyes… If I am interpreting it correctly, it starts with sadness and sorrow… then suddenly changes scene with jolting happiness and invigorating energy, then slows down with sweet appreciation and climaxes with with jolt, happiness, invigoration and energy again. So listen to it for yourself and see what your interpretation of the music will be!

And if you wish to know more about it, here is what Wikipedia has to say about it:  “Csárdás (or “Czardas“) is a composition by Italian composer Vittorio Monti. A rhapsodicalconcert piece written in 1904, it is a well-known folkloric piece based on a Hungariancsárdás.[1] It was originally composed for violin, mandolin or piano.[2] There are arrangementsfor orchestra and for a number of solo instruments. “

Feel good! 



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