Saturday within the Month of June

This morning I bought a beautiful book for my singing class. Here is the description of the book. finger-pointing-down-animation-gif


Then I studied the book, sitting down with these 2 guys. While one of them refreshened me, the other got me tipsy… And I don’t know which one I like morefinger-pointing-down-animation-gif


Then I found a song that seemed to be written by me… finger-pointing-down-animation-gif


Then I found another one that seemed to be written for me. finger-pointing-down-animation-gif


And then following the sound of a piano, next door I found a beautiful piano that I can use when I start taking piano lessons… The barwoman said thatmusic_1 I can come and play anytime I want. Then she played a beautiful melody for me…


And when I learn to play piano, I wanna play this music on this piano and entertain the guests at this hotelfinger-pointing-down-animation-gif

So that’s what I did this Saturday morning within the month of June… 

Feel good! 



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