My Keyboard is My Piano

You know why I write stories?

It is because I can’t play any musical instrument...


If I could play at least one single musical instrument, maybe I would not have written one single story...

Why can’t I play any musical instrument?

It was simply never in my environment as a child…

But you know what? 

When I write my stories, sometimes I think that my notebook keyboard is the piano keyboard… When life events touch me, I press on the notebook keyboard and it just takes me away with it…


Thoughts and emotions pour… and the keyboard translates them into beautiful words, pictures, animations and videos… And once my stories are published, I sit here transfixed at the beauty that has come out of my inner world….

On my saddest days, the keyboard is my best friend and on my happiest days, the keyboard is my loudest cheerleader


And my life is like a piano keyboard…


And I feel deep… And when I do, the keyboard turns them into beautiful words, pictures, animations and videos…

music is feeling

And when I pour my emotions into my keyboard, I never mind who reads… I just pour them…  


And because my stories are translations of my feelings, they are not for reading, but for feeling… 


So do you feel me?…

Feel good! 



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