Intend to See the Best in Everyone

I Intend to See the Best in Everyone … (Card No.48)

03ef4bcfeff9a57bfbeac315e39d236fYou can never consistently motivate anybody to anything. But when you see the best of them, and you go over to where your version of the best of them is, and you align with that and offer one signal–now you are part of the inspiration, you see. 

Have you ever had that experience yourself when someone sees you and loves you and expects the best of you? Do you not shine in ways you never shined before? And do you not find it really hard to shine when another does not look for the best in you?

I Can Look for Things I Appreciate in Relationships … (Card No.46)

You cannot get the relationship of your dreams when your chronic thoughts about relationships feel lonely or angry or worried or disappointed. But as you look for things you appreciate in yourself and others–as you make lists of positive aspects of past and present relationships–you train your Vibrational offering to match the Vibration of your desires, and your “perfect mate” must then come. It is Law.




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