Dining on the Moon

One night a magic dream told me to go to a building with a full moon shape on the 1st of a month and sit on a tall chair…

When I woke up, I didn’t know which month, which building and which chair…

Then I recalled the round-shaped blue building that I see through my window…

(Here is the view of that building through my window.)


Then I recalled that the next day was the 1st of April, so I thought “Maybe tomorrow…”

And because the dream said “Full moon-shaped building”, I decided to go there when the moon was up in the sky…

So the next day, I dressed up. I dressed up nicely… And I curled my hair for the first time after 4 years. I curled it the same way I used to curle in my earlier glorious days…

Then I called a taxi. When it arrived, I got in and pointed at the full moon-shaped building on this picture to the driver (the photo was still in my phone). He smiled with recognition and drove off.

When I came there, it was Radisson Blue hotel… And because the dream said “A tall chair”, I figured that it must be in the bar…

I asked for the bar and walked up to the bar… When I walked in, it was empty except for a man sitting on the bar and a barman and a barwoman chatting with him…

It was a small bar. There were only two tall chairs. The man was sitting on one of them and the other one was empty… So I sat there…

And I saw a glass of champaign in front of where I sat and another one in front of the man. Then I realized that I had taken the seat of a person, who had briefly gone away… Perhaps to the restroom…

Embarassed, I quickly moved to get off the chair. Then I heard the man say, “You look great!” I looked around and there was no one except me.

Confused, I asked, “You mean me?”

He said “Yes”.

Little blushing, I said, “I thought you were waiting for someone”.

And he said, “No. No one except you.”

Even more confused, I asked “How so? I don’t even know you.”

Then the man said, “This morning a dream told me to go to a full moon-shaped building, sit on a tall chair, buy two glasses of champaigne and wait…”

And that’s how I met my boyfriend. And that’s how our relationship started on a tall chair with a glass of champaign in front of us each… Later in the evening, we dined in the next-door rose restaurant with full of beautiful red roses… He picked up one on the table, went down on his left knee and asked me to become his girlfriend…

And that’s how our happy relationship started. And that’s why he always wakes me up with kisses on my lips and roses around my head on my birthdays… And when I wake up, he says “Thank God that you are born on this earth.” 



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