Born with a Magic Stick

There is a little secret–I was born with an invisible magic stick. Magic stick that shields me from all sorts of dangers and helps me conquer the world.

The story of the magic stick goes as far back as my toddler age. I had just learnt to walk. It was summer. My parents had bought me a little umbrella. Apparently I must have been sunbathing naked outside ’cause I had the umbrella in my hand when I walked in.

I walked in and the kitchen was opposite the entrance of our small house. My mom had just cooked a meal and the small flat stove happened to be on the floor, still red with the burning heat.

I walked up to my mom, but on the way I fell over the burning stove with my little round belly exactly matching the little round top of the stove.

And why did I fall? First, I had just learnt to walk, you know. Second, because I am clumsy. I am clumsy to this day. I just drop, tear, spill, brake things and I constantly hit myself against chairs, tables, doors and you name it. It just happens…. anyway.

Then my little round belly was burnt like a pancake. My mom must have cried out and gotten terrified… When she pulled me out, my stomach was well-cooked. Off they (meaning my parents) took me to a hospital and the doctor started scratching my well-done stomach with a strong disinfectant, and I stood there, with my magic stick, without a sound of cry. My teeth and muscles tightly squeezed, my parents going through all kinds of emotional tornado, but I stood there strong and just took it. And I was still a toddler…

And since my discovery of the magic stick in that instance, the number of my heroic acts have been countless…

You know what I do with the magic stick? Whenever things, people and circumstances come to me to swallow and chew me out, I point at them with my magic stick and I stand there until they break into pieces and crush on the floor like broken glasses. The small ones break easily, of course. But the big ones take long concentrated pointing. But in the end they do break into pieces, usually just before touching the tip of my magic stick.

Women_fantasy_dragons_weapons__2560x1600_754321-915x515 (1)

Do I feel scared when they approach? Not really… but it’s not a pleasant experience. It’s definitely very intense, but they do come up every now and then, without me asking for them, you know. So when they do come up, I just deal with them. 

I deal with them, I conquer them and I move on. And I move unto the next level of the game… And there has been many levels of the game, so I have lost count of them. All I know is that each new level is different and is harder than the previous one. And I have conquered them all.

League-of-Angels_fantasy_angel_warrior_league_angels_game_loa__10__1920x1080-915x515 (1)

But you know, now that I have played this game for so long, I have gotten bored of it. And I am also bored of being a Heroine. So I wanna leave HEROISM to boys and wanna live like a Cinderella.

But you know, I was born with the invisible magic stick and I cannot get rid of its magic. So in my Cinderella life, I decided to wear the magic in a CROWN and just get rid of the stick. So I bought my CROWN and here it is:



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