White Shirt Collection

Today I went on investing in more white shirts. The dress code for the new job is white shirts and dark suits. On top of that, I have created a French manicure “nail code” for myself. So if you put them altogether, day in and day out I will be looking like this picture.

Given that I will have only Saturdays to go to the dry clearner for the shirts, I need at least 14 white shirts. Today I added 3 new shirts to the collection; however, it is still far from 14.

Talking about shirts, I had a real challenge ironing a silk shirt in the morning of the boot-camp week in Malta. I must admit that many times I cried out for Linda. Even with much efforts, the whole week my shirts still didn’t look pressed enough. So I think I either need to buy a steam iron or find a tailor to press the shirts for me…


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