L’S Jan 20, 16 – Value

Today I woke up from a dream pulling me into the bed. I always feel like I can do anything and try to do everything. Today I realized that I do not have to do everything and be friends with everybody. Instead, if I focus on a few things that are really valuable to me and helping me to complete life puzzle, I would be successful as soon as I work hard on those valuable tasks.

I always believed in when I am right, being right, nice to people and help people, good things will happen to me and it does. So many miracles and wonderful things happened to me and in my life. But now, it is time to “I make things happen to me, not make things happen to me”. Stop get disturbed by anything or anyone come to my life, like a boat goes to anywhere the wind blows. Now, it is time to become World-Class in a few things.

24_Dangers_of_Multitasking multitasking_woman_bellapetite-300x272


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