National Championship

Today was the CFP(College Football Playoff) – National Championship Day.

Sports are essential and important aspect of American society, specially football. In foreign perspective, American football is complicated and violent. But for Americans, it is more than a sport; it unites all the people of the United states and gives passion in life.

Either in the most popular forms which are professional football and college football or high school football, all of the fans hear the humming resonance of the crowd and the brassy sounds of marching music. The tickets are handed to a sullen gatekeeper, who rips them in half and directs the natives towards a crowded bowl inside. Female cheerleaders, clad in cramped- fitting outfits, prance along the sidelines. Animal mascots parade in the end zone. Soon, the captains of the two teams meet the referees at midfield. One referee makes the introductions, and then tosses the coin in the air. The toss is called and a collective cheer races throughout the stadium. The captains make the decisions, choose their goals, shake hands, and then jog off the field for last minute instructions from the head coach. Fans stand for the National Anthem, cheering at its conclusion, then remain standing for the opening kickoff. The teams rush onto the field, smack, slap, and head butt each other, energized by the screams of their fans and the currents of adrenaline. Then the kickoff. And after four quarters packed with passes, tackles, sacks, and scores of all numbers, a team has either won or lost and the natives make their way out of the bowl, down the ramp, and homeward.

Sports also teach “Teamwork” and “Winning” besides gives impacts on economics and the mass media arenas. In sports, the idea of “winning” serves as a prime exemplar of success: a highly valued commodity which often results in elitism and superiority. Moreover, “winning” is something that fuels competition.



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