God is my clarity

Hello world!  It has been over 4 months since my last blog post and it is the longest break in my blogging history. So why the long absence? The absence has been due to the fact that I have been struggling with the ever-increasing intense Ascension energies. In March and May, the energies were quite … Continue reading God is my clarity


In the space of Pure Potentiality

Hello world! On my Ascension and spiritual journey, I keep encountering things that I could have never imagined possible and what I have encountered this time is this space of pure potentiality. For about three weeks, I have been living in this space where everything seems possible for me as long as I desire and put … Continue reading In the space of Pure Potentiality

The way to get there is to BE there

Hello world!  Today I finished listening to the 3rd book of "The Conversation with God" series and below are my favorite highlights, which I have transcribed here for easy reference.  "In everything, BE CAUSE. Children understand this perfectly. Ask a child, "Why did you do that?" and the child will tell you, "Just be-cause." That … Continue reading The way to get there is to BE there

The Empress that I choose to be

Hello world!  Being on the Ascension journey, the thing I do full-time on daily basis is "releasing, integrating and healing past wounds, energetic blockages, beliefs, fears, and limitations." While exploring my past wounds and limitations, I discovered the concept of Shadow work, which further lead me to the concept of Archetypes. Intrigued, I dug into this … Continue reading The Empress that I choose to be